Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changes To PFAM Coming Soon!!!

I'm changing things up a bit for 2012.  Since participation has been waning a bit, instead of there being two carnivals a month, there will only be one.  Therefore there will only be 12 coveted host spots instead of 24.

Host Application Requirements 

In order to make this fair for all, you must now apply to be a host, by answering the following questions:

- What is your name and the name and web address of your blog?

- Why do you want to host PFAM?

- If picked, what are some themes/questions you would be interested in posing?

- Have you hosted PFAM or other blog carnivals before?

- Have you participated in PFAM and other blog carnivals before?

- What dates are you able to host?

Please send answered questions to by November 1st, 2011. 

Host Responsibilities

In an effort to get things more streamlined, from now on hosts will have a few additional responsibilities than what they have in the past. 

Call for Submissions
Your call for submissions should be posted on your blog sometime between the 1st and 5th of the month, as all editions will go live on the 15th of each month.  This will give people between ten days and two weeks to prepare their submission and get it to you. 

It is the responsibility of the host to post a link to the call for submissions and then a link for the completed edition on the PFAM Facebook page (there is a Facebook badge on the right hand side of the blog page, which provides a direct connection to the Facebook page).  This will insure that you get the coverage that you want, when you want it, and don't have to wait for me to realize your link is up, etc.

PFAM Master List
I haven't done as good a job getting the calls out to everyone who has ever participated in PFAM.  I will be providing the list of e-mails in a tab, and it will now be the host's responsibility to send your call for submissions link out via e-mail. 

I will continue to update this page and post the links for the submission calls and the completed PFAM edition.


If you have any questions, please let me know. 

I have created a tab for Host Responsibilities and Application Requirements, which includes all of the information in this post. 

The Next PFAM is October 12!!!

PFAM will be hosted by Kirsten at Not Standing Still's Disease.  You can read the appeal for submissions here.

PFAM Is Now Up At "The Road I'm On"

Avenge or revenge?  You decide:

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PFAM Is Now Up At "Pink Doberman"

Please check out this edition of PFAM:

Thanks to Pink Doberman for hosting in my absence.  Great job!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Next PFAM is July 20!!!

Sorry for posting this so late.  I've been traveling and slow on the uptake...

PFAM will be hosted by Tonja at Pink Doberman.  You can read the appeal for submissions here.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Personal Plea

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to appeal to your sense of chronic illness blogging community-ness. 

As of late, participation in PFAM seems to be waning a bit.  Additionally, nearly all dates in the next few months need hosts to commit to them. The following dates need hosts ASAP:

- July 6, 2011
- July 20, 2011
- August 10, 2011
- August 24, 2011
- September 7, 2011

I am really hoping that we can keep the momentum going, and keep PFAM as is.  But if I cannot get enough people to host, it may necessitate reducing the frequency of PFAM, or getting rid of it altogether.  If you don't want to see that happen, I ask that you volunteer to host, or, at the very least, participate in PFAM by submitting posts.

Thanks to Duncan for starting this blog carnival, and thanks to all of you for helping to keep it going strong!

PFAM Is Now Up At "My Life Works Today!"

Are you ready for summer? Here's what a few patient bloggers will be up to:

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