Application Information For Hosts

New for 2012!

I'm changing things up a bit for 2012.  Since participation has been waning a bit, instead of there being two carnivals a month, there will only be one.  Therefore there will only be 12 coveted host spots instead of 24.

In order to make this fair for all, you must now apply to be a host, by answering the following questions:

- What is your name and the name and web address of your blog?

- Why do you want to host PFAM?

- If picked, what are some themes/questions you would be interested in posing?

- Have you hosted PFAM or other blog carnivals before?

- Have you participated in PFAM and other blog carnivals before?

- What dates are you able to host?

Please send answered questions to by November 1st, 2011.