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December 21: (@ Getting Closer to Myself): How would you scrapbook your illness? 

December 7: (@ Bed, Body, & Beyond): Why we write?

November 23: (@ FibroDAZE): How do you cope with illness curve balls?

November 9 (@ Sick Momma): Where do you find inspiration?

October 26 (@ After Gadget): Are you a patient?

October 12 (@ Not Standing Still's Disease): Changes?

September 21 (@ The Road I'm On): Avenge or Revenge?

September 7 (@ Phylor's Blog): How does music impact your illness experience?

August 24 (@Tales of Rachel): Wordless Wednesday

August 10 (@ FibroDAZE): Where is your happy place?

July 20 (@ Pink Doberman): What do you focus on, where do you find the strength to keep going and nourish your soul?  What do you occupy your mind, your hands, and your time doing outside of dealing with your disability, illness, condition, or situation?

July 6 (@ Oh My Aches and Pains!): How has chronic illness impacted your independence?

June 22 (@ The Road I'm On): What are you guarding?

June 8 (@ Getting Closer to Myself): What gets you down, and how do you get back up again?

May 25 (@ My Life Works Today!): What are you doing this summer?

May 11 (@ My CFS): What is the most memorable advice you've ever gotten?

April 20 (@ Tales of Rachel): How do you commemorate your diagnosis anniversary?

April 6 (@ Possibililism.Org): Is help a four letter word?

March 23 (@ The Road I'm On): Easy for them to say, hard for you to do?

March 9 (@ Sick Momma): What are your guilty pleasures?

February 23 (@ Chronic Babe): Love?

February 16 (@ Not Standing Still's Disease): How do you keep active with chronic pain?

January 26 (@ it's no more in my head): What advice would you give about diagnosis?

January 12 (@ Glass of Win): How does guilt come into play regarding illness?


December 22 (@ Getting Closer to Myself): The Year In Review

December 8 (@ Queen of Optimism): What are your illness must-haves?

November 24 (@ The Road I'm On): How do you give back?

November 10 (@ Sick Momma): What qualities do you for in Dr. "Right"?

October 27 (@ Glass of Win): What advice would you give medical students/professionals?

October 13 (@ Oh My Aches and Pains!): What are you afraid of?

September 22 (@ Sick Momma): What are you thankful for?

September 8 (@ Dear Thyroid): How has illness changed your view of awareness?

August 25 (@ Getting Closer To Myself): What advice would you give non-chronically ill people?

August 11 (@ it's no more in my head): What keeps you going?

July 28 (@ Queen of Optimism): What's the nicest thing someone has done for you?

July 14  (@ Getting Closer To Myself): What have you done (or what do you aspire to do) in spite of illness?

June 30 (@ Duncan Cross): First Anniversary Edition

June 16 - See June 30th Edition

June 2 (@ Oh My Aches and Pains): Travel from the chronic illness point of view

May 19 (@ Rest Ministries): If anyone has a working link to this, can you please get it to me?  Thanks!

May 5 (@ ChronicBabe): What’s your most laugh-out-loud illness-related experience?

April 21 - No Edition

April 7 (@ Single Gal's Guide to RA): To tell, or not to tell?

March 24 (@ Wellbook): How have you learned to adapt around your illness…?

March 10 (@ Duncan Cross): Who would you be without illness?

February 24 (@ Getting Closer To Myself): What’s illness got to do with it?

February 10 (@ Oh My Aches and Pains): Love? Hate? What are the four letter words you use to describe your life with chronic illness?

January 13 (@ Everything Changes): How do you get by? How do you manage the practical side of illness?


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