Submission Guidelines For Participants

For each edition – starting in 2010 – the host will ask a question about illness; see the archives for sample questions. Submissions to PFAM should answer the question; the host has the discretion to decide what constitutes an answer (usually they’re not too strict).

We moved to this format to encourage conversation and dialogue among patients; it got a little tedious cataloging posts of the “Five Easy Tips For Scrofula” variety, that weren’t interesting to a general patient audience.

Of course, you don’t have to be a patient to answer the question: docs, nurses, wonks, friends – anyone who wants to write is welcome to tackle the question.

No advertising or appeals for money will be accepted.

Send to the host (you can get their email address from their blog):

1. Your name (as it should appear)
2. Your blog’s name
3. Your post’s title
4. Your post’s URL

Submissions should be sent in by the date established by the host.